Perfect in its Flaws

Yesterday I took my engagement ring back to the jeweler's to get re-sized. (Tishy has some chubby 6 1/2 sized fingers!) It was so sweet walking in and hearing the folks tell stories of when Jersey came in to pick out the ring. They made my cheeks flush and my heart burst a bit. I've gotten so into the humdrum of wedding planning I totally forgot about that sweet time window when Jersey was plotting his surprise. The sweet nerves he so carefully hid from me. Thinking about it has me cooing like a dang bird.

After the stories, one of the gentlemen jewelers took me to a microscope where he showed me my ring's characteristics so I'd be able to see it was the same ring when I picked it up. There's this beautiful string of bubbles across the center. Almost like a shooting star. Yeah, they're something a rich snooty person would probably gasp and call a 'flaw', but I fell more in love with my ring after seeing its trademark...its own little birth mark. Made it practically perfect in every way.

Lucille is a unique little thang! (That's my ring's name for the newbies.) I can't wait to get her back on my finger. Weird, but I feel like my ring is a part of me now. My inner feminist just screamed at me, "NoooOOOOooO!" but I can't help it. It's just a sweet reminder that a cute, sweet man once asked me if I'd like to go steady...FOR EVER VER.


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