First Time


Jersey and I recently found ourselves back at the same spot we had our first date/outing/meeting together. The whole story of our eventual relationship is weird so forgive me for not knowing what the heck to call that damn thing.

Any who, he was new to LA so I took him to the best burger joint I knew of. Russell's is this charming diner in  Old Town Pasadena. There's beautiful art hanging on the wall, chandeliers, classical music and THE best messiest big ole fat and juicy hamburgers.

We arrived and the host sat us down in the same booth we first sat in. We've been back countless times after that, but never in that same booth. For some reason it took us both back to that first time and we were squealing and getting sentimental like two sappy school girls.

I swear if Jersey had said that first day that the burgers were just aight I wouldn't be here typing to you about how much I love him for turning into a sappy school girl. It's that deep, y'all.


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