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Reputation is an idle and most false imposition;
oft got without merit,
and lost without deserving.
--Othello (Iago, Act II, scene iii)

When I was a kid I read this book called Remember Me that changed the way I looked at the world...a dang young adult, teeny bopper book, yep. Sure did.

Not War and Peace. Not Shakespeare....nope. And now that same snazzy book gravitational pull has led me to a new favorite that's changed the way I see the world. 

Two of my favorite people recommended I read The Uglies series, which I've mentioned before. The final book Extras struck a chord that vibrated hours upon finishing. Without giving too much away it's basically a story that looks at social media and its affect on society. What we value...what we pay attention to...how we think and act. I love when science fiction exposes how the world currently is. The author painted this radical world with people living oh-so-closely to our reality. 

Being that I'm a blogger I fall prey to the insecurities and the research. I know what my blog currently ranks on BlogLovin. (It's not pretty.) I've caught myself posting Instagram pictures that I hope will be liked...I want followers on twitter. It's just odd when you remove yourself from the bubble and look around. It's all so silly. 

I went and got my nails done yesterday and much to my surprise sat down right beside Octavia Spencer. I geeked and drooled more than I care to share. So close...a "famous" person right there and there I was, little ole insignificant Tishy. The owner of the salon came over to Ms. Spencer to talk about her fame (which embarrassed the crap out of the actor I think) and then the owner walked over to me and asked if I was famous, too. I smiled and said, "Not yet," which caused everyone in close proximity to neck jerk. 

It was weird saying that in public. We do things with our social media sites so that we'll be seen and acknowledged, but yet we're not supposed to admit that we want the social love. It's a fine line; connection and love. When certain people ignore something I've posted I get butt hurt. The same goes with twitter..and my blog. 

Before social media you'd see bathroom graffiti "I was here"...we're all trying to leave our mark, but boy does it cause some drama in the process. Still trying to wrap my brain around all of this. 


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