And then I Cried


J trying on bridesmaid dresses at Jcrew

I haven't had that much champagne ever...I was sippin on the stuff all weekend long including at the Dry Bar when we were getting our hair did.

So many fun things to look at while getting one's hair styled. 

Champagne before wedding dress shopping

Brunch after finding my dress...which I so carefully named Scarlett. She's a beauty.

So J came to visit so that we could do wedding dress shopping. I swear I've been going through the motions of planning this wedding. I've said multiple times I think of it as just a grand party so I was way more excited to play with her than do the actual wedding stuff, but boy did wedding stuff change the game this weekend!

J came and we worked out together and we had girl time and everything was chill and perfect, but Saturday morning came and my nerves went berserk. I couldn't eat, my nerves were shot and the minute I went into her room I started crying. It hit me...all of it. The years and years of coming to J with all my boy troubles and her always listening as I cried my eyes out, sobbing and snotting into the phone and now all of a sudden I was shopping for a dress and she was gonna be there to nod yes. 

It's happening...I'm not by any means going to start treating this darn wedding like it's supposed to be the event of the year, but it's definitely sinking in that it's special and that I am going to lose it out there, with my best pal (the girl I've called my friend since we were 14) there by my side. 


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