All Her Beautiful Layers

Yesterday I logged onto facebook and saw that a social media friend of mine, Lorrie, had passed away. My heart dropped into my stomach. She was young. She was kind and full of life, creative and JUST HERE.

The wind was knocked out of me and I cried and cried and cried. I met her at the Dole Nutrition Summit two years ago and she just had one of those kind spirits that you can't help but flock to. We exchanged information and would tweet/email each other from time to time. She was so positive and joyful. When she asked if I would write about my life as an actor in Los Angeles I felt so honored.

Without even reading her husband's post on her blog I knew she was saying good bye to a whole lot of people she touched and inspired. Social can create a lot of shallow weird drama, but it can also bring people together in really sweet ways. I'm glad I met her.

Lorrie suffered from cardiac arrest while working out at the gym. That circumstance hits near and dear to my heart because I knew how hard she was working towards making fitness a healthy habit. Her husband created a memorial fundraising page to honor her memory. Jersey and I plan to give and I hope you'll consider giving, too. She had just turned 30 on March 14th, the day after my birthday. (Too, too soon for her poor heart to stop.

Lorrie Fenn's American Heart Association Fundraising Page

This isn't enough...a post isn't enough to express just how deeply someone's passing can possibly mean, but I'm hoping contributing to an association that researches and pushes for precautions that will help folks like Lorrie is a start.


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