They're Here...


Jersey's twin brother Mike, Sarah (his wife) and their kiddos are coming today! We've been geeked for their visit for months now and finally it's time!

I love seeing Jersey with his brother. I love when they come from different rooms wearing the same outfit...when they laugh the same...basically I'd like to put them in a box and study them like some kind of Twilight Zone experiment. They're just so darn adorably similar!

Sarah (Mike's wife and my soon to be sis-in-law) is someone I already refer to as "sis." We clicked the minute we met and have been slumber party buds ever since. I've never met someone who can stay up just as late as me talking and giggling. Together Mike and Sarah are great...they're just good ole fashioned fun people with THE most adorable son and daughter. My niece and nephew make me want to pop out babies yesterday.

We plan to hit up Disney Land and take them to the ocean. Basically Tishy's gonna have fun playing with some of her favorite people. Definitely marrying into the right family!


  1. Sounds like you will have the best time ever with them and those kids are so cute! Kisses, lovely.


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