The Ellen Show

Holy cows!

Did I not write about our adventure on the Ellen Show?! I don't think I did.

Near Jersey's birthday we took a day off of work and headed on over to Burbank to be an audience member on the show. I've loved Ellen for years. (Had a girl crush ever since she started rocking suits with chucks.) It was only a matter of time before I stalked her in person.

The show was a lot of fun...a little unnerving because we had no idea if we'd get in or not. We had standby tickets...and were in the 300s number wise so I was preparing myself for disappointment.

Lucky the prep time was pointless. We got in with flying colors and had a blast. I won the first tshirt giveaway of the day...If you watch the show you know there's always folks from the audience who dance. Well I got the first shirt for having the most energy in the room. (If you know me you should know this isn't much of a shock.)

We danced, watched and then won a free grill at the end. Whaaaaaa! Yeah, we actually jumped around and hugged each other like we had one Oprah's favorite things or something. Incredible how you don't think you'll be THAT person and then you totally are.

In all, Ellen was just as cool and lovely in person as she seems to be on the boob tube. (no pun intended)

Jersey and I waiting in line to enter the building. Shortly after this I saw Portia (Ellen's wife) driving in. Surreal...

A shot of us on TV...We were in the very back. That was obviously not my 15 minutes of fame. 


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