The Call of Comfort

So on Friday I finally bared my soul. I swear it took forever to find the words or thoughts that led up to me finally being able to voice what was truly bothering me.

I knew I was in a funk. I knew I was upset, but as the three half-written blogs I have pending can attest, I was clearly not thinking the root of all the angst was racially motivated. Have you ever had that happen; a feeling so hurtful and scary that you totally bury it?

Well I bared it and then the comments, a flood of love and support, came rushing in. One of my long time golden girlfriends called me and we talked for over an hour about this. I opened up about the details from my last post...the specifics that led to the feelings that finally helped me write.

Not any old talk can heal a broken heart. She was able to walk me through examples of what heartaches had happened to her and to people she loved... I was left with a well-rounded discussion that gave me some much needed peace.

Peace…I don’t care what anyone says about our relationships with our partners. We do not live on islands. They are not and can not be are one-stop go-to for all things life related. Thank God for good girlfriends! Thank GOD!


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