The 2013 Oscars


This Oscar Sunday was a wee bit different for me this year. B is getting hitched so I spent the day with her and her wedding party having brunch at this perfectly quaint little joint in Woodland Hills followed by DIY wedding projects back at her place. 

It was fun seeing someone's vision become tangible. Helping her execute those plans was so cathartic. While my own wedding is still swirling around in that Bermuda Triangle otherwise known as my head I'm finding loads of fun in helping with hers. 

Jersey was sweet enough to tape the awards for me so after painting, cutting and other top secret DIYs were completed I hurried home to catch up. It wasn't my favorite one...I didn't tear up once. I did laugh at the boobies song and Jennifer Lawrence's endearing trip up the stairs (I'd do it too played it off well!)

It's weird that I didn't have the longing and jealous tinges...there was something lackluster in the whole shebang. Can't really put my finger on it...whether it's just me obsessing so much over wedding ish that I can't properly focus on my dream or just an overall stinky stank Oscars 2013. 

I'm gonna go with the second choice on this one.


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