Overwhelmed Times 100

I'm having one of those super stressful times. The kind where you find out Mrs. Taylor has assigned like five coloring projects, plus a report on Pegasus all due tomorrow. You're looking around your bedroom; it's filthy. None of your homework is done. The Bill Cosby Show comes on in 10 minutes. 


So we had to throw all of our wedding ideas, deposits, etc in the dumpster and start from scratch...Seven months in--starting from scratch. Mmmm, doesn't that sound tasty? 

I'm currently looking at a large list of stuff I have to do today that includes writing for FBG, cleaning up my nasty home, laundry, wedding check lists, workouts...something's going to fall through the cracks and that is just too much for this little Type A Missy!

I'm drowning...which you may have noticed since I'm not punctually posting neurotically like I normally do. 

Dear gods of all things sane and clean in this world; help a sister out! Send me a maid, a winning lotto ticket, a nutritiously prepared lunch and some rest damn it!


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