On This Valentines Day

I've never been a fan of this holiday; if I'm being truthful.

I always hated going into work and seeing huge, tacky flower arrangements that showed all the single women around just how single they truly are. It feels so forced...it's about showing off and bragging about something and that's lame-o in my book.

That being said I LOVE spoiling my friends with love. I don't know how I can separate the romantic part from the sentimental, but I do.

I wanted to share a conversation I had with a dear friend today about love and all that weird stuff that comes up on this dreadful holiday...Single Awareness Day:

(Context: my friend saw one of her exes at an event she was at and it annoyed her...we recently sat down and made a sweet and honest list of what she is looking for in her future guy, too. Keep that in mind.)

Me: Weird lol…Well now that the universe knows you’ve created what you want it will test you. It’s going to send every broken man your way to see if you know what you want and mean what you want and are brave enough to look for what you want. This can either be a blessing or a beautiful adventure! You can look at it as a negative (there’s all these bad men) or you can see them all as teachers…that helped you open your eyes to the guy who is so worthy of being truly seen. Like Avatar “I see you.”

So whether I dig it or not, today's a day to discuss love in all it's many forms. Even I, a trained Vday cynic, can appreciate that.


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