Oh Beyonce...Ms. Mistress of the Universe


I didn't think it was possible for me to adore that woman any more, but I just watched her documentary, Beyonce: Life is But a Dream, and was delightfully charmed by her candid, bare-faced moments. Yeah, yeah celebrities are human and just like us, but that doesn't stop me from still making distinctions between those who have "made it" and folks like me.

I catch myself in that trap that they must be walking on constant clouds...that happiness follows them like a shadow. I saw the times where she allowed the camera to show when she was worried or what not...I get so uncomfortable when people have to expose the pain in their life in order to prove they're like us. In this case I still saw all her joy coming through. Her intense love for her husband and child...her passion for her art...I LOVE what happens to her when she performs...her true spirit shines so bright and so hard...I connect to THAT Beyonce.

It's terrifying getting me to that moment, but once the camera turns on all my fears and all the reality just fade away and I'm on. It's a moment that is totally foreign to me when I'm, oh let's say, sitting on the couch blogging while watching telly.

I have an audition today. I feel like I'll take a little Bey into that room with me. Little pieces of a gal who likes to share and perform...

It's been awhile since I've connected to someone I see on TV...been inspired and invigorated. (If I don't tear up at least once something's wrong!) The girl did good! I cried...My inner dream wheel started churning. Come on auditions...lead to something!

My commercial keeps popping up on FOX so keep your eyes peeled. Then when you're standing in the grocery line with some big wig producer/writer/director casually mention how you saw me for that split second and just know I'll be the next great actor.


  1. How cool that you're in a commercial! Must be weird/cool seeing yourself on tv!

    I've been wanting to watch that Beyonce documentary. heard good things!

  2. It's more weird than cool lol! I'm my own worst critic. (always)

    Definitely watch it...it's pretty darn beautiful.


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