Do Not Disturb. I'm on the Moon

My horoscope suggested I should put up a sign today about being on the moon...I thought it was fitting since I can't keep my head out of the clouds.

Do you ever wake up in a weird haze? I was dreaming and now my head is trying to pull me towards remembering whatever happened so I can't really function. I'm a Pisces. We are weird dreamers anyways so don't worry if I'm talking a lot of hippity dippity that makes you wanna scratch your watch and wind your butt.

Life's been so odd. I swear my fingers wrote weird, but the honest word is I'm troubled. Life's been troubling. It hasn't been hell, but I've just been blah...lethargic and annoyed. Don't know if Aunt Flow is just changing the game up or what, but God help the little fiances of the world because I am one peach my friends.

I'm dealing with some-timey spirits, wedding wait 2013 and auditioning let downs.

These are three things I can't control. I know I can't control them yet I worry about them all the same. I wish I could find peace with that instead of letting my inner worry wart destroy any sort of present awareness I currently own. I'm floating...wishing days to go by faster...waiting for some mythical better day that's supposed to be coming, but doesn't. Do you ever have those days/weeks/months?


  1. it's only been 38 days since the new year. i'm gonna help you make it the best year you've had in a long time


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