Disney Day

This morning the fam bam left...

4am and Tishy is standing outside of her garage bawling like someone just stole her favorite toy...which basically happened since all I did was play non-stop with my niece and nephew all weekend.

It was definitely a blast. Surprisingly Disney Land was more fun for the adults trying to wow the kids than it actually was for the little ones. We've decided we'll have to make it a traditional trek and take the kiddies back every couple of years. Epic meltdowns and Mickey just don't go together somehow. When they're older they'll probably split their pants with excitement...for now they just split their pants with poop. Not nearly as fun. 

It's amazing how exhausted the adults were. Each night we'd come home and crash on couches and chairs like it was nobody's business. While Jersey is still crazy excited to start producing miniature versions of us I think he might now want to take a year or two to explore the world (quietly) before we begin that chapter. 

Funny what some sugar + toddlers + a little one who calls her daddy's twin Dada will do to a bloke. 

Reese clung to her "dada" for most of the trip. My heart exploded every time she'd run after him smiling

Objects close to the camera are even sweeter than they appear

G funks

Kid in a flippin candy store.  Happy stimulations every which way!

The force is strong in these ones!

The kids loved rocking out to this man's classical masterpieces. Deep kids. 

Exhausted "Dada"


  1. I feel like Disneyland is so much more fun with kids...but yeah, so much more exhausting too :)

    1. There's a golden age I think lol for both parents and kiddos.


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