A Long Dog Day

Yesterday was a dog day...and not just because my audition consisted of watching two puppies frolicking around in the office as I waited for my turn. I was just on the go ALL.DAY.LONG.

By the time I was done with all my errands and jobs it was 7pm and I still hadn't hit the gym yet so I trudged and scowled and went. I still can't believe my sour little butt made it in and didn't hit any of the grumpy arse women throwing stank face my way!

Do you ever just have one of those days? Driving back from that audition was interesting. I was so exhausted...emotionally and physically. I fell asleep at the wheel at one point and almost hit a car. Fun times. After the shock of how jacked up that was hit me (no pun intended) I started thinking about acting and all you have to give to keep an insignificant pinky toe in the game. I wish I were one of those saintly women who does a bunch of running around without complaining...there's no fun in that for me. Bottling emotions, sitting on feelings...all of that proverbial bad stuff being swept under the rug has never really worked out well for me. I've been kind by not whining about the wedding stresses. Trust me.

Every complaint has to come with a possible way to change the situation, though! I don't know what I need...if I need a true day of relaxation. If I need a day where no one says my name and I just lay around like a lump...if I need a light day at the beach with some booze. I don't know...all I know is I need something very opposite of what happened yesterday...and last week and the week before that.

Possibly a phone call saying yes I got the job...a slow and easy day of work and some frickin TLC. Wishful thinking put to pen.

Now you know something's wrong when the highlight of your day is going to see your gyno...


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