A Hallmark Movie


{Photos by Mark Araña}
The fella watches one Hallmark flick and the landscape shots start. The lead male in the movie kept waking up at 5am to shoot and now ole boy is inspired....Role reversal is our best friend in this relationship.

It's been a minute. I don't know why my writing has gone to the crapper, but I just can't write a full blog post for the life of me. Mark's (Aka Jersey) twin brother and his wife and children are coming to visit us tomorrow so we've been preparing the home for their arrival (Read: baby proof and make sure the man cave is de-manned.)

I'm excited as heck, actually! The kids are so frickin adorable and sweet and awesome. We're taking the whole fam to Disney Land and it shall rock epically. I haven't been in years so I'm due for some Disney magic. (Aren't we all?)

Mark and I are doing (I think) better with the whole interracial dating stuff. I think it's just a matter of time, understanding and good talkie talkie time. He's a pretty dope fella so I'm not worried...well at least I'm not now that I said my peace and got that HUGE black elephant out of the way.

Acting is a whole nutha beast, though...

I went and picked up my check for my first commercial and now that I've shot it and gotten paid I'm thirsty for more. I've had two auditions since then and neither has panned out. This is what happens when an addict tastes their specific poison...You become a needy-crazed monster.

Tishy Need MOOoooOOOOre. (say this like the monster from The Labrynth.)

I think it's all of that which I wrote above that's made writing so hard...I'm just scattered. My head is constantly switching stuff up. It's exhausting, but I know like all things, this too shall pass.


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