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Did you see Looper?! My movie whispering abilities are slipping apparently because when I first heard this movie was in the theater I moaned a low "eh" and moved on. Big mistake, Tishy...big mistake.

This movie had all the key factors I dig in a flick: fun sci-fi premise, Joseph Gordon Levitt (the man who can do no wrong,) Emily Blunt (who can also do no wrong,) and fresh writing. I swear you see the trailers for this flick and you think, "Been there; done that," but it's mind-blowing new goody gooeyness. I was captivated by the story line and glued to the world Rian Johnson created. Rian, the writer and director, burst on the scene with Brick...which also happened to star JGL. Coincidence? I think not! Remind me to make good with a director.

I'm not into spoiling movies so I'll refrain from going into the specific scenes that blew my mind and make me squeal with delight, guffaw over the surprises and gasp in shock. I recommend renting this bad boy on a night you're middling--you want some passion and heart, but you don't want a rom-com; you want some action, but not Tarantino. It's a smart and entertaining with two gloriously kiwi thumbs up.

The Watch

I swear this was the weekend for movies proving me wrong. When Jersey came home one night with The Watch I literally butt twitched and groaned. It just looked lame and stupid, but it was late; nothing was on TV and I had eaten one too many Earl Gray cookies. Good thing, too! I haven't snorted that much in a movie in a looong time. It was definitely frat boy funny ish, but sometimes a gal just needs a ball joke here and there.

I usually can't do Ben Stiller movies because his humor is so self-deprecating. I always have pangs of painful empathy for him by the end of his films...not the good kind I want to feel either. This wasn't his typical show. I can't say the same for Vince Vaughn, but I love his bumbling rambling bits so it didn't matter. Favorite character: a bloke named Jamarcus. Remember that when you watch. I love him.


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