Wedding Blues

Are you supposed to wear something blue to your wedding to remind you of all the stressful months leading up to that day?

I now question that tradition. I spit in its face and wave my private parts in its general direction!

No blues! No celebrating the blues! No encouraging the blues.

People keep asking how the planning is going. The planning isn't going. It's frozen in its lovely little tracks and that's just how I like it. Of course I can't wait to marry the Jerz-meister. I'm just getting more and more overwhelmed by costs.

The cost of putting that man on my insurance plan alone caused my inner Fantine to start belting out sorrowful ballads. I went from the Jefferson's penthouse in the muther truckin sky to destitute woman penniless in the streets.We're somehow supposed to keep dreaming and hoping for a wedding, a home, a family...all that stuff. Every time I think of those milestone moments I hear money 'ca-ching' sounds followed by the image of a woman banging her head into a wall....much like Kerri Russell does in this new film.

(February is the month we find out whether or not we have the money to do a real wedding.) If we learn we don't, then we're cancelling the venue and heading to a courthouse alone. Is that ideal? Nope, but do I really want to start a new chapter of my life in substantial crazy debt? Nope.

I appreciate my friends who have reached out and offered to help with cost cutting ideas. IF we have a budget I'll definitely start bugging the crap out of them, but that month any and all questions related to my wedding planning process will cause instant and automatic rage, pain and tears.

Just a warning...


  1. Tell me how much I can give and its yours. Well within reason. We cam discuss that later. I love ya'll and will do anything to help. Aunt Tammy


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