Tokyo Delves


On Saturday night a group of us headed to Tokyo Delves in North Hollywood for a fun night out. It's been awhile since Jersey and I have partook in tom foolery so it was a nice escape. We drank sugary drinks with tiny amounts of alcohol, did saki bombs, danced on chairs, screamed our brains out and laughed the good laugh.

Apparently you have to confirm your seats three frickin times at this spot. We didn't know once we were in line we had to check in yet again so they gave our table up. Luckily we still got in. Not so luckily we were stuck in a corner...which turned out to be an excellent move. We had tons of space to play with the staff, dance in the open and get lost in our own little vibe.

Someone should really tell Baby it's not so bad in corners. Unless someone's peed there. Then it's not so grand.


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