The Up Side

I swear this juicing cleanse I'm on has done wonders for my spirit. Somehow I knew that would happen and so I welcomed it. I feel this faint buzz that's telling me obstacles are going to start coming my way, but that this cleanse will help me break through it all and by golly it has. It's so much more than a body cleanse. My spirit is getting a good scrub as well.

I'm alert, energetic, joyful and clear. Oh my GOD am I clear. I've had my head in a fuzzy cloud for YEARS. I'd drown my lethargic butt in coffee and try to perk myself up that way, but it never worked. Now I'm open to looking at all the challenges currently nipping at my heels and deal with them head on.

Not making the final five of the Knot Dream Wedding Contest was one challenge that I've been able to find a miracle in. I can see the blessing in not making the top five. It wasn't our gift to have and it definitely wasn't our stress to carry longer than we needed to. One of the couples who did make it has been cool enough to reach out and chat. I've enjoyed having someone to talk to who gets the nerve wracking stress of it all. I also appreciate the fact that the guy would (using my words) like to pop someone in the throat. My subtle violence made an impression apparently. Score! The miracle is I wish that couple and some of the others (I'm human.) nothing but goodness and luck. (They find out today at 10am PST!!!)

Beyond that, I've read more. I've shimmied, laughed, cleaned like a banshee; gotten some really great and positive feedback from my online community about fitness and health stuff and managed to be perfectly me this week.

I don't know what shifted in me that changed my outlook on obstacles, but I'm seeing everything as an opportunity to learn, make peace, grow and make a miracle out of.

The glass is half full. The sun is rising.


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