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Last Saturday I did something I never thought would happen...I actually did girly, wedding stuff with B and enjoyed the ISH out of it!

I don't know if you've caught on, but my year of 'the wedding' hasn't been as joyous as I assumed it would be. It's been filled with heartaches, disappointments, family stresses...I haven't even gotten to the stresses that all my friends have told me about. I haven't even gotten to the idea of wedding excitement!

Then that darn contest came and went and I had to muster hope and let it go...and then find a new attitude about the whole thing. And I did.

B asked me a couple of days before if I'd like to go to a wedding invitation-making event with her at Paper Source. I love stationary and typography so I was down. Honestly, I just thought I would go along and play with the pretty paper and not really focus on the wedding aspect, but the minute we sat down people started asking B about her upcoming wedding (She's getting hitched, too!) and everything changed. It was SO fun hearing about her colors, her dress, her theme and the location. She was beaming and she's SO in control. She has a clear vision and it's just sweet. There's nothing bridezilla about's the kind of celebration I wish I had confidence and direction to plan.

After craft time was over we grabbed our stuff and went to lunch where I enjoyed the ISH out of some salad (I'm on a meal plan that you can find out about on Fit Bottomed Girls tomorrow) and then headed back to her place where I proceeded to try on her wedding dress!!! I, Tish, tried on my first wedding dress and I didn't break out in hives. Woo to the hoooooo! I felt a flicker of wedding bliss and I liked it.

I seriously had given up hope that I had the necessary girly gene for this stage of my life...and maybe I don't really have pink in my future, but at least I'm getting a tiny bit excited about the possibilities of a pretty dress and a fella waiting for my "I do."

Green, green, double green!!!


  1. So glad to hear you're getting your spirits picked back up! I so want you to be giggly happy about this the way I know you're capable, and hopefully you're on the way...maybe just a different path ;) xo

  2. Tish - You have GOT to read 'Diary of a Mad Bride' by Laura Wolf! It is right up your alley and will have you in stitches. Very fun and appropriate stress-relieving read.


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