Niceness found me yesterday.

My first email of the day was from J...Her words of encouragement, support and sweet compliments brought me to tears. Have you ever been in a funk that you weren't aware of until someone did something nice to pull open the curtains covering your eyes? That's what happened to me. I cried because I realized I had been a stressful ball of ick. I was tired and lumpy (meaning all I wanted to do was watch the telly) and then my bestie came along and started cheering me up with her loving ole' heart.

Can't say this enough: I am grateful as a muther other for J. She keeps me from beating the sass out of folk. She gives me the gangsta balls to keep at this acting gig when I start to fall down pity holes. She encourages my pelvic thrusts, poop jokes and that order.

I've had the weirdest writer's block with luv and kiwi lately. I sit in front of my computer and the goes a'blank. Should have known it would be her who would become my muse and bring back a finger typing rhythm.

I've been blessed for many years with infinite amounts of brain farts to gab about on this here old blog. I think I took it for granted...but hopefully they hang around for a while longer. My goal is to take this blog all the way into the acting chapter of my life. I think that as long as I have J by my side I'll be okay.


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