Jersey and I decided we'd do this energy challenge for a Fit Bottomed Girl post I wrote. Our mission for day one was to laugh. 

I'm doing a juice cleanse for three days so I can't work out. He decided to be a doll and go for walks with me so it was on our walk when I discovered neither of us had chuckled the good chuckle yet. I probably said I needed a tissue AT LEAST four times. Just wanted to mention that.

We turned onto our street and that's when it happened...I, Tish, snotted myself. I chuckled and snot just FLEW out of my nose everywhere. Jersey and I both burst out into fits of laughter...uncontrolled giggles which made the snot blow ever so much more. Totally gross. Totally hilarious.

It was a strange gift from the Universe. When a couple needs to laugh, by golly, laughs they will get!


  1. Giggle and that photo is awesome too. Happy New Year, darling.

    1. Happy New Year to you, too Diana! (Picture is one of my favorites of us)


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