Jersey, The Birthday Boy


This time 33 years ago my fella was suprising the ish out of his mom. 

The whole pregnancy Jersey's mom and dad thought they were only having one child. Then came labor...out popped Twin A. Then the doctor announced, "There's another one!" and out popped my fella, Twin B. 

Apparently he was hugging his brother from their heart beats were in sync the whole time. How unbelievably cute is that?! My father was a twin so I've always been a bit tickled by doubles my whole life. So funny I snagged one. That being said, Jersey gets sooo many points for having a cute twin story. Seeing him and his identical twin together melts my heart. I'm on a mission to get him and his family to move to Los Angeles so they can be adorable all the time together. 

So today I shall spoil the living effing shat out of my guy. In some circles it's called smothering.


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