Be Still My Heart

Marrying At 100

Love is the easy part...

The wedding part. Psht! I was crying to J yesterday...I've just had a really hard time with wedding stuff. Making peace with the fact that we'll more than likely ditch the wedding idea and go for a quick eloping extravaganza...I thought I was there and then I wasn't and I was crying to her on the phone.

Remember when Miranda from Sex and the City had to fake happiness about having a boy? That's what I feel like I have to do when strangers ask me about my wedding. I say I'm super excited and hope to God they don't ask me any details. 

I was spiraling into sadness, but then Jersey reminded me we needed to do our energy challenge for the day. #53...Trust the Universe. Coincidence? Nope. He had JUST advised me to do that and then we read that and laughed out loud. 

Trust it...Have hope....have positive...expect miracles.


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