A Cafe Where I Found Gratitude

Last night I finally got to try the food out at Cafe Gratitude. A friend, who I met through Fit Bottomed Girls, is a vegetarian so it was the perfect excuse for heading down to Hollywood.

Los Angeles and its lovely stereotypical hippie food suits me. I ordered "I AM WHOLE" which consisted of sea vegetables, stewed adzuki beans, raw kale, carrots, house-made red cabbage kimchee and sea whip, black sesame seed gomasio, quinoa, tahini-garlic sauce and teriyaki almonds. (Say that five times fast.)

For shats and giggles I ordered the house kombucha..."I AM BRIGHT." And may I just say I enjoyed telling the waitress that I was bright and whole. I giggled delightfully to myself.

There's some kind of awesome aura floating around that place. I totally expected it to be a tiny whole in the wall/hippie joint. (The restaurant is known for feeding you no matter how much money you have. If you can't pay the full price, then it's okay and those who think it's worth more will pay more...somehow it balances out.) The restaurant, like its motto, was enchanting and delightful. Twinkle lights were scattered about the urban rustic interior. It was dimly lit which invited in a pleasing amount of boisterous conversation. A child was climbing on her dad's face while we ate and it bothered not a soul. You can easily come and be as you are without worry.

That's always my kind of place.

That was just the restaurant, though. My friend is this delightfully petite thang. She's beautiful to boot. I remember walking towards her the first time we met. She was this tiny, beautiful blonde with Tory Burch flats and a sweet smile...a well kept lassie...which led me to falsely conclude she'd be super LAish, but the moment she started talking I knew she was a good, genuine soul. She's smart, fun, really into health and wellness and business savvy. (Love ladies like that!)

Between the energy-inducing food and her company I was bouncing off the walls in that place. We caught up lots, talked wedding ish a tiny bit (thank God...we share the same philosophies on such things) coo'ed over our mutual love for my bestie J and gibbered on about how awesome kale and quinoa are.

It was the perfect dinner conversation at the perfect restaurant with the perfect gal. Hmmm...that might have to be her blog nickname on her. My perfectly polished peep? I'll think about it.

Don't you just love those nights, though? When you find yourself in great company and life just beams with hope and energy and childlike curiosity? It's how I recharge. It's what keeps me grateful.


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