My Very First Commercial


Can you spot the Tishy?! 

The other day J found the commercial online...we posted it on facebook and then the world at large (okay one person from Missouri) saw it on NBC News. It's happening...

That dream I've been pursuing for seven plus years...I can almost taste it! I really hope this is just the beginning!

Cocktail Attire

Today is my dear friend Elaine's birthday. She celebrated this past weekend though; hiring a photographer to capture the festivities.

She's one of my original LA gangsta girls. Known her for years, yet still have mini-panic attacks when trying to figure out what gifts will make her happy. Apparently all I had to do was put some feathers on my head and snap a pic or two with her and Dolly.

Friends...when they're good; life's easy breezy.

Jersey, The Birthday Boy


This time 33 years ago my fella was suprising the ish out of his mom. 

The whole pregnancy Jersey's mom and dad thought they were only having one child. Then came labor...out popped Twin A. Then the doctor announced, "There's another one!" and out popped my fella, Twin B. 

Apparently he was hugging his brother from their heart beats were in sync the whole time. How unbelievably cute is that?! My father was a twin so I've always been a bit tickled by doubles my whole life. So funny I snagged one. That being said, Jersey gets sooo many points for having a cute twin story. Seeing him and his identical twin together melts my heart. I'm on a mission to get him and his family to move to Los Angeles so they can be adorable all the time together. 

So today I shall spoil the living effing shat out of my guy. In some circles it's called smothering.

Alva Thomas

Alva Thomas
August 25, 1912 - January 26, 2013

My beautiful great grandmother passed this weekend. This is the same beautiful woman who Jersey and I visited this past summer to celebrate her 100th birthday. 

100 years...The stories that woman accumulated...She and my great grandfather moved to their house in Kansas City, KS in the 1930's...and that's where she stayed for the rest of her life. Can you imagine her the changes she saw on her own block?!

I know my grandmother was ready to go...she'd been ready for a long time. I made sure on her birthday to tell her everything I needed to because I knew it was only a matter of time. That still didn't stop me from crying when I found out she was sick...or when I stepped outside of a loud restaurant that Saturday afternoon to take the call. 

A very sweet spot in my heart started aching...because she was the one person who refused to call me anything other than LaTisha Thomas...(I took my mother's maiden name, not my father's Thomas name.) She always made sure to involve me in her familial love. Because of her, I shall never forget where I come from. I will carry her memory in my long, bendable my my cheekbones and in my name that she held onto oh-so-strongly. 

Gotta love our grandmothers...

Friday Feel Goods

Anything good after "Friday" is redundant, or a bonus...

These are my bonuses that make Fridays oh-so-gooOOOoooOOOd:

Endangered Species ~ Esperanza Spalding
For Free ~ Joni Mitchell
I Wish You Love ~ Frank Sinatra and Count Basie
A Guy is a Guy ~ Ella Fitzgerald


Niceness found me yesterday.

My first email of the day was from J...Her words of encouragement, support and sweet compliments brought me to tears. Have you ever been in a funk that you weren't aware of until someone did something nice to pull open the curtains covering your eyes? That's what happened to me. I cried because I realized I had been a stressful ball of ick. I was tired and lumpy (meaning all I wanted to do was watch the telly) and then my bestie came along and started cheering me up with her loving ole' heart.

Can't say this enough: I am grateful as a muther other for J. She keeps me from beating the sass out of folk. She gives me the gangsta balls to keep at this acting gig when I start to fall down pity holes. She encourages my pelvic thrusts, poop jokes and that order.

I've had the weirdest writer's block with luv and kiwi lately. I sit in front of my computer and the goes a'blank. Should have known it would be her who would become my muse and bring back a finger typing rhythm.

I've been blessed for many years with infinite amounts of brain farts to gab about on this here old blog. I think I took it for granted...but hopefully they hang around for a while longer. My goal is to take this blog all the way into the acting chapter of my life. I think that as long as I have J by my side I'll be okay.

Friends of a Feather...

(Try fitness things together!)

Can I just say I love this girl? She somehow gets me to try the craziest fitness ish. This was one such thing. I'll be a nimble ninja by the time I'm done with knees to feet!

Tokyo Delves


On Saturday night a group of us headed to Tokyo Delves in North Hollywood for a fun night out. It's been awhile since Jersey and I have partook in tom foolery so it was a nice escape. We drank sugary drinks with tiny amounts of alcohol, did saki bombs, danced on chairs, screamed our brains out and laughed the good laugh.

Apparently you have to confirm your seats three frickin times at this spot. We didn't know once we were in line we had to check in yet again so they gave our table up. Luckily we still got in. Not so luckily we were stuck in a corner...which turned out to be an excellent move. We had tons of space to play with the staff, dance in the open and get lost in our own little vibe.

Someone should really tell Baby it's not so bad in corners. Unless someone's peed there. Then it's not so grand.

A Cafe Where I Found Gratitude

Last night I finally got to try the food out at Cafe Gratitude. A friend, who I met through Fit Bottomed Girls, is a vegetarian so it was the perfect excuse for heading down to Hollywood.

Los Angeles and its lovely stereotypical hippie food suits me. I ordered "I AM WHOLE" which consisted of sea vegetables, stewed adzuki beans, raw kale, carrots, house-made red cabbage kimchee and sea whip, black sesame seed gomasio, quinoa, tahini-garlic sauce and teriyaki almonds. (Say that five times fast.)

For shats and giggles I ordered the house kombucha..."I AM BRIGHT." And may I just say I enjoyed telling the waitress that I was bright and whole. I giggled delightfully to myself.

There's some kind of awesome aura floating around that place. I totally expected it to be a tiny whole in the wall/hippie joint. (The restaurant is known for feeding you no matter how much money you have. If you can't pay the full price, then it's okay and those who think it's worth more will pay more...somehow it balances out.) The restaurant, like its motto, was enchanting and delightful. Twinkle lights were scattered about the urban rustic interior. It was dimly lit which invited in a pleasing amount of boisterous conversation. A child was climbing on her dad's face while we ate and it bothered not a soul. You can easily come and be as you are without worry.

That's always my kind of place.

That was just the restaurant, though. My friend is this delightfully petite thang. She's beautiful to boot. I remember walking towards her the first time we met. She was this tiny, beautiful blonde with Tory Burch flats and a sweet smile...a well kept lassie...which led me to falsely conclude she'd be super LAish, but the moment she started talking I knew she was a good, genuine soul. She's smart, fun, really into health and wellness and business savvy. (Love ladies like that!)

Between the energy-inducing food and her company I was bouncing off the walls in that place. We caught up lots, talked wedding ish a tiny bit (thank God...we share the same philosophies on such things) coo'ed over our mutual love for my bestie J and gibbered on about how awesome kale and quinoa are.

It was the perfect dinner conversation at the perfect restaurant with the perfect gal. Hmmm...that might have to be her blog nickname on her. My perfectly polished peep? I'll think about it.

Don't you just love those nights, though? When you find yourself in great company and life just beams with hope and energy and childlike curiosity? It's how I recharge. It's what keeps me grateful.

Tao Te Ching


I'm trying to remember these words. Trying to understand these words. Trying to believe these words.

Accept the present...Makes life a whole lot easier. (I hear.)

"If you want to shrink something, 

You must first allow it to expand. 
If you want to get rid of something, 
You must first allow it to flourish. 
If you want to take something, 
You must first allow it to be given. 
This is called the subtle perception 
Of the way things are." 

~Tao Te Ching, the fundamental text of Taoism and Chinese Buddhism.

Woman in the Moon

Maxwell the Camera and I still play. After the 'wedding' I shall save up my pennies for my dream lens and then pictures like this will be even more magical. I promise. Well...after I take lessons...and get good at those lessons.

The Gene


Last Saturday I did something I never thought would happen...I actually did girly, wedding stuff with B and enjoyed the ISH out of it!

I don't know if you've caught on, but my year of 'the wedding' hasn't been as joyous as I assumed it would be. It's been filled with heartaches, disappointments, family stresses...I haven't even gotten to the stresses that all my friends have told me about. I haven't even gotten to the idea of wedding excitement!

Then that darn contest came and went and I had to muster hope and let it go...and then find a new attitude about the whole thing. And I did.

B asked me a couple of days before if I'd like to go to a wedding invitation-making event with her at Paper Source. I love stationary and typography so I was down. Honestly, I just thought I would go along and play with the pretty paper and not really focus on the wedding aspect, but the minute we sat down people started asking B about her upcoming wedding (She's getting hitched, too!) and everything changed. It was SO fun hearing about her colors, her dress, her theme and the location. She was beaming and she's SO in control. She has a clear vision and it's just sweet. There's nothing bridezilla about's the kind of celebration I wish I had confidence and direction to plan.

After craft time was over we grabbed our stuff and went to lunch where I enjoyed the ISH out of some salad (I'm on a meal plan that you can find out about on Fit Bottomed Girls tomorrow) and then headed back to her place where I proceeded to try on her wedding dress!!! I, Tish, tried on my first wedding dress and I didn't break out in hives. Woo to the hoooooo! I felt a flicker of wedding bliss and I liked it.

I seriously had given up hope that I had the necessary girly gene for this stage of my life...and maybe I don't really have pink in my future, but at least I'm getting a tiny bit excited about the possibilities of a pretty dress and a fella waiting for my "I do."

Green, green, double green!!!



Dolly dropped off these gifts for Jersey and I for being good Goddog parents. Goes perfect with the Banksy, don't you think? 

Be Still My Heart

Marrying At 100

Love is the easy part...

The wedding part. Psht! I was crying to J yesterday...I've just had a really hard time with wedding stuff. Making peace with the fact that we'll more than likely ditch the wedding idea and go for a quick eloping extravaganza...I thought I was there and then I wasn't and I was crying to her on the phone.

Remember when Miranda from Sex and the City had to fake happiness about having a boy? That's what I feel like I have to do when strangers ask me about my wedding. I say I'm super excited and hope to God they don't ask me any details. 

I was spiraling into sadness, but then Jersey reminded me we needed to do our energy challenge for the day. #53...Trust the Universe. Coincidence? Nope. He had JUST advised me to do that and then we read that and laughed out loud. 

Trust it...Have hope....have positive...expect miracles.

The Up Side

I swear this juicing cleanse I'm on has done wonders for my spirit. Somehow I knew that would happen and so I welcomed it. I feel this faint buzz that's telling me obstacles are going to start coming my way, but that this cleanse will help me break through it all and by golly it has. It's so much more than a body cleanse. My spirit is getting a good scrub as well.

I'm alert, energetic, joyful and clear. Oh my GOD am I clear. I've had my head in a fuzzy cloud for YEARS. I'd drown my lethargic butt in coffee and try to perk myself up that way, but it never worked. Now I'm open to looking at all the challenges currently nipping at my heels and deal with them head on.

Not making the final five of the Knot Dream Wedding Contest was one challenge that I've been able to find a miracle in. I can see the blessing in not making the top five. It wasn't our gift to have and it definitely wasn't our stress to carry longer than we needed to. One of the couples who did make it has been cool enough to reach out and chat. I've enjoyed having someone to talk to who gets the nerve wracking stress of it all. I also appreciate the fact that the guy would (using my words) like to pop someone in the throat. My subtle violence made an impression apparently. Score! The miracle is I wish that couple and some of the others (I'm human.) nothing but goodness and luck. (They find out today at 10am PST!!!)

Beyond that, I've read more. I've shimmied, laughed, cleaned like a banshee; gotten some really great and positive feedback from my online community about fitness and health stuff and managed to be perfectly me this week.

I don't know what shifted in me that changed my outlook on obstacles, but I'm seeing everything as an opportunity to learn, make peace, grow and make a miracle out of.

The glass is half full. The sun is rising.

Beauty Defined


There is no exquisite beauty...without some strangeness in the proportion. ~Edgar Allan Poe



Jersey and I decided we'd do this energy challenge for a Fit Bottomed Girl post I wrote. Our mission for day one was to laugh. 

I'm doing a juice cleanse for three days so I can't work out. He decided to be a doll and go for walks with me so it was on our walk when I discovered neither of us had chuckled the good chuckle yet. I probably said I needed a tissue AT LEAST four times. Just wanted to mention that.

We turned onto our street and that's when it happened...I, Tish, snotted myself. I chuckled and snot just FLEW out of my nose everywhere. Jersey and I both burst out into fits of laughter...uncontrolled giggles which made the snot blow ever so much more. Totally gross. Totally hilarious.

It was a strange gift from the Universe. When a couple needs to laugh, by golly, laughs they will get!

Weekend Watches


Did you see Looper?! My movie whispering abilities are slipping apparently because when I first heard this movie was in the theater I moaned a low "eh" and moved on. Big mistake, Tishy...big mistake.

This movie had all the key factors I dig in a flick: fun sci-fi premise, Joseph Gordon Levitt (the man who can do no wrong,) Emily Blunt (who can also do no wrong,) and fresh writing. I swear you see the trailers for this flick and you think, "Been there; done that," but it's mind-blowing new goody gooeyness. I was captivated by the story line and glued to the world Rian Johnson created. Rian, the writer and director, burst on the scene with Brick...which also happened to star JGL. Coincidence? I think not! Remind me to make good with a director.

I'm not into spoiling movies so I'll refrain from going into the specific scenes that blew my mind and make me squeal with delight, guffaw over the surprises and gasp in shock. I recommend renting this bad boy on a night you're middling--you want some passion and heart, but you don't want a rom-com; you want some action, but not Tarantino. It's a smart and entertaining with two gloriously kiwi thumbs up.

The Watch

I swear this was the weekend for movies proving me wrong. When Jersey came home one night with The Watch I literally butt twitched and groaned. It just looked lame and stupid, but it was late; nothing was on TV and I had eaten one too many Earl Gray cookies. Good thing, too! I haven't snorted that much in a movie in a looong time. It was definitely frat boy funny ish, but sometimes a gal just needs a ball joke here and there.

I usually can't do Ben Stiller movies because his humor is so self-deprecating. I always have pangs of painful empathy for him by the end of his films...not the good kind I want to feel either. This wasn't his typical show. I can't say the same for Vince Vaughn, but I love his bumbling rambling bits so it didn't matter. Favorite character: a bloke named Jamarcus. Remember that when you watch. I love him.

Wedding Blues

Are you supposed to wear something blue to your wedding to remind you of all the stressful months leading up to that day?

I now question that tradition. I spit in its face and wave my private parts in its general direction!

No blues! No celebrating the blues! No encouraging the blues.

People keep asking how the planning is going. The planning isn't going. It's frozen in its lovely little tracks and that's just how I like it. Of course I can't wait to marry the Jerz-meister. I'm just getting more and more overwhelmed by costs.

The cost of putting that man on my insurance plan alone caused my inner Fantine to start belting out sorrowful ballads. I went from the Jefferson's penthouse in the muther truckin sky to destitute woman penniless in the streets.We're somehow supposed to keep dreaming and hoping for a wedding, a home, a family...all that stuff. Every time I think of those milestone moments I hear money 'ca-ching' sounds followed by the image of a woman banging her head into a wall....much like Kerri Russell does in this new film.

(February is the month we find out whether or not we have the money to do a real wedding.) If we learn we don't, then we're cancelling the venue and heading to a courthouse alone. Is that ideal? Nope, but do I really want to start a new chapter of my life in substantial crazy debt? Nope.

I appreciate my friends who have reached out and offered to help with cost cutting ideas. IF we have a budget I'll definitely start bugging the crap out of them, but that month any and all questions related to my wedding planning process will cause instant and automatic rage, pain and tears.

Just a warning...

Friendship 101...Again

Always learning...always.

So 2012 was the year of tumultuous friendships. A rather sad situation I must say. For some reason I just mucked up the waters and had to do the work to repair the relationships I valued and deemed important.

I am still working.

I still believe not everyone should make the cut. Sometimes it's good to weed out the weird to make room for the positively delightful.  Friendships take work after all.  I'm trying to learn how to be a good friend, but most importantly be a good friend to myself so that I loosen the slack on the expectations I've created for others.

Reasons for the friendly focus? Well there was this article and then there was my play sis. Distance...assumptions...weird ass ish just made us both absolutely silly. She assumed and then I assumed then she was shocked to learn that I didn't believe I was important in her life...So many insecurities and negative thoughts. I don't know what catalyst got us to open up and discuss our feelings, but we did and things are on the mend.

Sometimes I forget this blog is supposed to be a's where I air out my dirty laundry and collect my through stuff. Jersey hasn't come home freaking out about something I've written in quite some time, which means I'm not doing my job. My writing's gotten safe and impersonal. So when something's on my mind I'll have to remember this is a safe space (motioning to my computer and its space.)

Truth: I am grown. I got lucky with finding my best friend at 14 and keeping her, but that luck isn't widespread. Most friendships take work, man. They require me to actually talk on the phone (something I really don't like to do. I'm becoming a weird kind of hermit.) They require me to get out and do even.

Trying to balance my lackadaisical nature with friend energy. Wish me luck.

Running, Reading, Arithmetic

This is why Nike+ frickin rocks! I was just able to look back on my year and track all my runs. How much I ran, my average paces...Boom Shakalaka!

No, I'm not about to sit here and make some crazy goal about running more. I have no idea if that was a good running schedule, if I burned enough calories... Frankly I don't care. As long as I'm moving; I'm good. I will keep tracking runs, though!  I just love me some tables, charts and history. It's so fun to track things, no?

Maybe that's just the little iddy biddy cute obsesso-control freak in me. Who knows, but Nike gets some serious luv and kiwi thrown its way for THIS yo!

Same excitement doesn't apply to my reading activity. tracks your reading activity. Apparently I read 10 books in 2012. Only 10! (Hangs head in shame.) That's sad. I blame that partially on how I work within my book club. It's hard for me to read more than one book at a time so I make msyelf a slave to the club's schedule then I'm pretty much screwed if I want to knock out a bunch. Only partial blame, though. I could just read a grip faster instead of watching episodes of Say Yes to the Dress. But to help, I plan to stop participating in the book club. 2013...out with the old, in with the new 57 books currently on my wish list.

Hello 2013

2013 is here.

I don't know about anyone else, but NYE's are always a bit anticlimactic if you ask me. Hollywood makes parties sound so fun and magical, but every end of the year comes around; we count down and it's nice, but there's no magical grandiose speeches and perfect confetti wishes-come-true. I've never once witnessed Harry telling Sally why he wishes to spend the rest of his life with her.

Can you tell I have an unhealthy relationship with TV and the realities it portrays?

Well this year was sweet because for ONCE I had no expectations. Jersey and I spent the night with friends and rang in the new year quick, easy and sweet. We stayed up entirely too late and paid for it yesterday in yawns, but overall it was cool.

2013. I've decided I'm uncomfortable with finding all the mistakes from 2012. I'm just focused on being a better human this year. I have no idea what's in store, but I hope I'm a strong one with loads of moxy.

I was going for an Eva Mendes Hitch look.

Mish 2013. We get hitched this year! What....

Jersey enjoying our friends' Banksy print.

I dig this chickadee! I was tickled green to see Jersey and her gabbing away.

loved her leggings!

2013! Let folks learn the words to the Old Acquaintances song.

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