Santa Monica after a grey, cool weekend. 

Jersey's mama came to visit this weekend. We took her to the Grove, introduced her to Sprinkles cupcakes, walked the 3rd Street Promenade in Santa Monica; basically showing her all of the things we love about Los Angeles...well all the things you can show someone in three days. (It was her first time visiting us!)

This whole mother-in-law thing is so weird for me. I swear I feel like a 14 year old most days. The idea of being engaged...having a mother-in-law, well it makes me any minute I'll wake up and my mom will be calling me for dinner and telling me finish my homework. 

I'm frickin grown, though. Definitely engaged with a mama-to-be upstairs in our guest room. Lucky for me, she makes this whole transition pretty easy. 

She knows that I'm a big slice of goofy and she's okay with that. I had a blast with her this weekend. We had a chance to talk and be girly. We laughed and sang Christmas songs in the car together.

I think I scored with this guy and his family. Thank goodness!


  1. I'm in the same place you are! I'm feeling all grown up ;) ...kinda!

  2. I'm not alone Margaret lol...Congrats to you too!!!


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