The Knot Dream Wedding Contest


Directions for my dear friends...

  1. Click on the link above.
  2. Leave a comment on our page stating why you think we deserve to win.
  3. Let me hug you the next time I see you.

I'm so crazed with happiness right now! Back when Jersey and I first started planning we said to ourselves, "We really need to find a wedding contest." I don't know why that popped into our heads, but it did and then three different people sent us this wedding contest to enter. We knew it had to be a sign.

We filmed this video the night I found out I didn't get the commercial (that same commercial I ended up getting after all...) and it totally cheered me up. Reminded me why I'm marrying this man. He's up for anything and totally carefree in the way you want your person to be.

If we win this contest you all will get the chance to see our wedding on a live feed. Pretty cool, eh? Plus Jersey would be marrying in his neck of the woods. He always said he was fine with marrying in LA, but after seeing how excited this possibility made him I know now that was his dream.

I'm feeling mighty loved y'all! (And also excited to boot!)


  1. I saw a comment of yours on cupcakes and cashmere and hit your blog because of the name. Love it! Was so surprised when I jumped through, your blog is really lovely. Great style, full of character and wicked design. Keep up the good work.

    Laura x

    1. That's awesome! Thanks for popping on over Laura! I can't take credit for the style. BlogMilk was lovely enough to pimp me out, but the character is ALLLLL me so thanks :)


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