The Knot Called!!!


So someone from The Knot just called Jersey and I individually and asked us to gab a bit more about our we met...what we love about each other. I'm not gonna lie; I got choked up more than once. No, Aunt Flow hasn't called; I just really get emotional when I think about how great he is.

So here's the deal. The editors from the contest will all get together and decide who they want as their top four contestants. Then it's up to the public at large to vote and decide who deserves the dream wedding.

(Hint: We deserve to win!!!)

I love how excited our friends and family are for this! It's addicting and inspiring and touching to boot! I hope we get this! It just feels right!!!


  1. I'm kinda jealous! You go girl! Hope I get the chance to vote for ya'll! Xo

    1. I hope so too! Thanks for the support!!! I'll keep you posted. When's your big day? One thing I've learned is you get what you give. Maybe some lovely piece of luck will come your way because of all this niceness you're throwing our way :)

  2. SO EXCITED! You know I already love weddings...and now it's YOU (ahem, Y'ALL)...and a DREAM wedding?! Can't wait!!


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