So This is Love

This morning I wasn't feeling too hot so I ate breakfast and then went back upstairs to bed. Jersey was snuggled up watching sports and when he saw me he lifted his arm to indicate I could cuddle on up beside him which I did...and then I promptly fell sleep.

A long time ago I wrote a post about how this man smells like sunshine. Like he was hung outside to dry each day and the sun kissed him with her scent. That darn smell has the ability to make my eyes roll back in my head. Before I knew it I was out and he was up kissing me on the forehead telling me to feel better.

We've both been super nervous, anxious, hopeful, crazed about this Knot Dream Wedding Contest. We just want it so bad. We had to tell the editor who called stories about why we love each other so much...I have no earthly idea how to summarize all of the tiny wonderful instances that have led me to wake up each morning saying, "thank you thank you thank you for this man!" but I pray that they caught an inkling of that gratitude from the conversation we had.

I love that sunshine-smelling dude! Love him so much I didn't pop him in the throat this morning when he screamed at my face because I woke up with fever blisters. THAT, my friends, is Luuuuuuv!


  1. Honey, I feel like I have "stalked" you through the internet for many moons now! I've seen other relationship posts, and break up posts, and now I just wanted to say how happy I am to see post like these! It shows in your words, pictures, everything just how happy you are with him! I wish you two the best future together and can not wait to hear about the Knot contest you will win!!!!!

    1. HAVE been there through all the frog times haven't you? Thanks for always reading!!! Thanks for the well wishes!!!

    2. Welcome welcome my friend! :)


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