Nerves of Mush

Monday early morning, (4am to be exact) I woke up excited like it was Christmas day. I couldn't go back to sleep for nothing! I knew it could possibly be the day the Knot could call and say we were one of the top four couples chosen for the Knot Dream Wedding Contest.

So I tossed and turned, then would roll over and smile/stare at Jersey creepily, then I'd toss and turn some more...repeat. I wasn't tired that day, either. I was hyped up on some major nervous anticipation. I probably checked my phone at least once per minute. Not even bullshatting you...I was glued to that darn Poppins...making sure I didn't have missed calls or emails...

My lovely friends were so cute, too. Everyone's just as nervous as we are! I received text after text asking if we had heard anything. This gift would stretch out to soooo many people. My parents (of course) but also two in my wedding party have never been to New York. They'd see The Big Apple in all its winter glory. I'd be able to fly 18 of my loved ones to the city...people who wouldn't have financially been able to afford the trip to LA. The wedding would stream live...every person we know, but couldn't invite would get to participate. The Knot has no idea what dream they've unleashed in me! I want it so bad I can taste it!

That dream wedding tastes like fun, wonder, financial peace, some luuuuv and a dash of kiwi. PLEASE send good thoughts our way. This would mean so much for me and the mistah.

I'll keep you all posted and thank you from the bottom of my wigged out heart for supporting us thus far!



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