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Ruby Sparks
An indie flick on a Friday night. Yes please!
I truly believed this movie would be a total waste of time. It didn't pluck at my heart strings when it was in the theaters, but it was soooo good. The writing was clever. The acting was nice and sweet and believable...which is hard to do when you're building a story like this one.

Basic premise: boy is genius writer. begins new novel. creates a gal named ruby. ruby is written into existence.

Is it a dream? Is she a figment of his lovely imagination? You won't know unless you peep it out. I recommend it. Copped it on redbox. Best buck I've spent in a loooong time.

PLUS, Zoe Kazan wrote the screenplay (she plays Ruby.) I loved this movie even more when I found out it was written by a that she played Ruby and had her boyfriend play the main fellow. Keep it in the family yooooo!

Rise of the Guardians
Not an indie flick.
Jersey and I took his mom to see this one. (Yes, it was totally my idea.) I love children's movies. I can't help myself...I love feeding my imagination and wonder. The movie lived up to my hype, too. It wasn't cheesy, kiddy, but it wasn't inappropriately adultish, either. (Yes, I made that word up.)

It had some really sweet and poignant lessons that tugged at my heart quite a few times. I was prepared for that going in. This spiritual love guru bloke I follow on twitter was all verklempt over the movie so I knew it was a sentimental one, but I wasn't expecting such emotional sweetness.

Loved the characters, the story, the animation (Jack Frost is hot. Yeah...cartoon dudes are totally crush-worthy) and most of all the message.

I'm two for two so far and I expect it to only get better!


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