Holiday Happiness

I had a wonderful holiday with Jersey. We skyped with our family, we created new traditions we plan to share hopefully with some future kiddos, planned and executed a good arse meal, and had a good time with friends.

I haven't had a Christmas like that in a long time. Usually once the Christmas sun comes up and the tree lights go off I lose that wonderful luster that's built up over the month. Not this time. As I sit here and right I'm still grinning ear to ear.

The last couple of weeks have been hard and I've been standing under the dark cloud with the umbrella playing a sad song on my tiny violin, but no more! 2013 is going to be different! I've got some lingering holiday joy that's gonna drop kick all the funk. Get ready!

Those new traditions...

The fellas in the they should be

It's a Wonderful Life after all...


  1. Haha, my fiance does all the cooking :) Poor guy. So glad you had a great Christmas! Xo


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