Django. The D is Silent.

First he made a film about a woman who had been done dirty. She got revenge. (Kill Bill)

Then he did a film about WWII....some American soldiers got some good revenge on Hitler. (Inglorious Bastards)

Now Quentin Tarantino has Django--a film that deals with slavery and one man's revenge.

Notice a pattern here? I love me some Tarantino films. I'm not one of those clever beasts that can break it down...I know next to nothing about his subtexts....what actors and stunt doubles always appear in his films or special shots he always uses, yadda yadda. The films are just entertaining as holy hades, but finally after the third film I get it. He loves giving historical underdogs their fantasy kick ass moment.

Django was funny, difficult, gory, lovely, entertaining and powerful. When I found out Spike Lee refused to see it because he respects his ancestors too much, my butt began to twitch. Does he assume this film is offensive? Does he think you'll leave the theater thinking slavery's not a bad idea at all?  Did he ever read Octavia Butler's Kindred?! She wrote a Sci-Fi book that dealt with slavery....was that offensive as well, good sir? Annoying. Usually I'm down for a good movie critique, but I feel like Mr. Lee is throwing some major jealous salt towards this film. Totally unwarranted (FYI) because the movie is the bomb dot com.

And before anyone gets all cray on me for being confused by Spike Lee's stance I ask you to remember that he backed that dreadfully offensive film that Kevin Willmott did at my Alma mater, KU (Confederate States of America) which was TERRIBLE. I left the theater thinking the audience might just reinstate some good ole slavery. He made it look charming and delightful. Not cool.

If you like Tarantino films, see this. If you want to see a fictional flick about one slave who pulled a Nat Turner and revolted most gloriously then see this film. I personally was proud of Kerry Washington and Jamie well as the entire cast for their acting chops. It was no easy task to do what they had to do in some of those scenes...

Have you seen it? Care to share your thoughts? What do you think of Spike Lee's reaction? Warranted or stupid as heck?

For the curious: Here's a good piece on the movie. I was right there with the Cord on this one!


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