An Actor's Confession

I wonder how poor gals make it in this biz...

Today I have an audition that requires me to wear a business suit. Business suits are expensive man! The last time I bought one was right after college for job interviews. I wore that suit a couple of years ago for my time on the Young and the Restless and had to listen as the makeup guy snarked at me that the next time I came back I'd have to step into some clothes that weren't so old and outdated.

I cried so hard after I left that man's presence. Snotty punk totally got to me. That suit was $300 which was crazy, ridiculously expensive and is BTW's moments like that which remind me of how ugly the world of fashion can be...probably one of the reasons I refuse to make it a priority or important.

So yeah...tomorrow I'm wearing THAT suit and I've gained weight so it doesn't fit as great as it once did and I'm nervous that I'll relive the judgement...It's gonna be one of those days where I have to put my pride aside and just go for it.

These girls who have all the money in the world to shop for cute outfits to help them shine a bit brighter in the auditions...they're lucky gals. For the rest of us...well I'm hoping I make the clothes...and that the clothes don't flunk me.

If it's not acne or fever blisters or invisible agents it's something like this. Tiny and silly things, but there are sooo many of them. You have to really REALLY want this life...


J totally just burned any negative thoughts associated with that suit. She suggested I think of it as my "super suit"...Anyone who has watched The Incredibles knows just how hilarious and perfect that is. So in about an hour I shall yell, "Honey!!! Where is my super suit?" and all will be awesome and light in the world. Don't you just love friends with great imaginations?


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