When You're Relevent


I just received an honest, yet bitterly tragic response about the book I'm trying to publish. I submitted the work to an agent and while he dug my writing style he basically admitted that no one will buy into this memoir of a tale unless I'm someone and obviously I'm not right now.

How humbling to hear...when you make it then we'll listen. When you make it then we'll read. When you make it then we'll pay attention. And folks wonder why actors are closed off and "snooty" to strangers. After years of being ignored because you're not getting 500,000 hits on your blog a day or working on a Spielberg set I'd give the world a long skinny middle finger salute, too!

The book is being put to rest. Maybe some day it'll be my turn to make it and I'll feel like taking someone up on their offer, but I doubt it. There's just something whack about accepting conditional attention, don't you think? I'm much too bitter of a woman to throw caution to the wind and pimp.

Sad, I've been wanting to write a book since I was in high school. J and I said we'd co-write a book called Kiwi Power.  I always kept that book idea in the back of my mind. Years before blogging and memoirs from nobody's were around...I guess sometimes you have to let the dream go.



  1. Let it go to be better...let it go to expand...let it go to be free! Giving up is far different than letting go. (And who says Kiwi Power is off the table?!)

    1. Ha you silly goose! But you're right...that book could still happen. I'm in one of those snarky places where I'll say "If I make it..." when we both know that's not necessary for me...but it is for society at large! Sheesh! you're nobody til somebody loves you...


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