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I love being exposed to new. New reads, new programs, new shows, new fashion and definitely new music. That being said I thought I knew all types of music genres. Apparently I'm still a grasshoppa because I had no idea there was something awesome out there in the world called 'turntableism'.

I recently wrote about our experience at the Grandstar in Chinatown. I didn't really get into the music that much, but it was hip hop on one floor and this groovy stuff on the top one. Fascinating stuff! For me, it sounds like Sun Ra got together with hip hop and made a baby. It's super cool, spontaneous, improvisational sounds that make you wanna say "uuuuu na na na na!" 

Just kidding. I'm not comparing this to Master P. Promise.

It really was nice to hear. Sometimes one of the turntableists would get a bit too wonky for my tastes (when I couldn't hear the rhyme or reason behind his beats and flow) but overall it was a pretty exciting sound to behold. 

Gotta love new.


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