The Hipster Version of a Quilting Bee

Last night I did something I NEVER do. I went to an event alone...without Jersey or friend...and sat at a table with complete strangers AND actually spoke to them even though I felt like the lone, weird chocolate chip in a very girly, blog-licious ocean of JCrew bling milk.

I stalk (a tiny bit) this quirky blogger, Bri from DesignLoveFest. I dig her fashion sensibilities, her gangster-like approach to design. She's a cool hunter...a taste get the drift. Well, Miss Bri held a little DIY party last night at the Anthropologie store in Santa Monica. I reserved a spot for me and a bud, but I couldn't get a soul to go with so I went alone.

I know it may seem like I'm a social pimp, but I hate being alone in large crowds. Freaks me the heck out so I was pretty impressed with myself. (In all honesty, I just really needed to get out of my rut of a routine and do something fun and creative.) So I went and had a blast making Christmas ornaments out of yarn. Think I may have found my domestic calling. If you need yarn balls, I'm your gal.

Best frickin frack donuts

Finished masterpieces. Bri + Me

My favorite yarn ball...looks a bit like something out of a Dr Seuss book, no?


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