She's Dating


My Godchild has a boyfriend! The girl who I witnessed coming into this world...the first little one I ever held straight from the hoo hoo is now making googly eyes at a boy who very much resembles a tiny Bieber. My heart hurts!!!

 I texted her to figure out what "taken " meant on her Instagram status. It took everything for me not to scream/cry for her never to trust those vial things called boys. I'm supposed to be cool, calm and collected with her. She's supposed to come to me when she has questions about life. If I spaz over the Bieber I'm gonna lose her so I'm trying to pull an Andre 3000 and be cool.


Her mother and I are in new waters. We need your help! She's not supposed to date until she's 16 so she's "going out" with Bieber boy...meaning they make googly at the skating rink and school.

What do mothers and Godmamas doooooo?! How did my mom handle this ish?!



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