Private Eyes

I went to Trader Joe's the other day and moved through the store like a floating ghost...Usually I get super duper hung up on being "seen"...observed and acknowledged, but for once I was content in my anonymity. I just wanted my blueberries and pomegranate seeds.

When I got back into my car the song, "Private Eyes" (a cover by the Bird and the Bee) was playing and I snort giggled.

I love ironic moments.

Even more funny: I spent the rest of the weekend standing out like a sore thumb. I got a facial peel that jacked up my face. Kids, always remember to ask your dermatologist if the creams she or he prescribes have side effects. I've been told I won't scar, but I'm feeling some serious Samantha from Sex and the City chemical peel vibes. Vitamin E, aloe vera and some humble frickin pie.


  1. Poor thing! Very Samantha Jones. Get rest and lots of anti-inflammation foods and a veil (non-bridal) for dramatic effect!

  2. LOL She was rocking a good one, actually :)


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