Mercury Retrograde


No wonder I can't have a sound discussion lately to save my soul! We're in the swing of Mercury Retrograde, better known as "Coo Coo time."

I totally believe in this hippity dippity stuff, too. We're just a little too connected to the Earth...a little too sensitive to changes in the moon...a little too eager to flip a switch and act cray when Mama Nature shifts in her seat.

So far (knock on wood) I haven't seen too much of the wonky, but yesterday morning before I voted, I did just about chew Jersey's head off for something he mumbled under his breath. I went a tad ballistic...I'll admit to that.

I won't go blaming every poor choice I make on the stars and moon, but I will acknowledge that wonky randomness is never truly random.

Beware the ides of me!


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