Luv & Kiwi is Going Boom


Jersey said the words every girl in love wants to hear, "My family is coming to visit. Let's get on that decorating thing."

Oh how I love that man. He's killed most of my decorating endeavors since we've moved into this place. There's always something else that takes precedence but now we've got good reason to spruce. 

I'm not expecting HGTV magic, but I am excited to think maybe, just maybe I could finally finish the living room. . I've always believed your home pieces should tell stories so I'm comfortable with building a home piece by piece. 

I fell in love with Dooce's "Boom Boom Room" as I like to call it. Each piece dazzled my curiosities  I want my home to be an aesthetically eyegasmic novel of ooohs and ahhhs. Putting on my pizazz hat and getting ready to produce a miracle: I want to find affordable, plentiful pieces! Fingers and toes crossed...

There's something sweet about a wreath named "cottage berry"
The Westport dresser
Fake fun


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