All of the disappointment on facebook led me back to a book (The Poisonwood Bible) I read many, many years ago. There was this one passage that stuck:

Winning an election—that was Belgium’s idea of fair play, but to people here it was peculiar. To the Congolese (including Anatole himself, he confessed) it seems odd that if one man gets fifty votes and the other gets forty-nine, the first wins altogether and the second one plumb loses. That means almost half the people will be unhappy, and according to Anatole, in a village that’s left halfway unhappy you haven’t heard the end of it. There is sure to be trouble somewhere down the line. (Kingsolver, 1998, p. 265)

So even though I'm personally happy with the outcome (better healthcare for all, marriage equality for the LGBT community and women's reproductive rights) I'm sad for my Republican friends who feel defeated...those who believed just as hard in Romney as I believed in Obama. I was there back when Bush was elected a second term; I feel your WEEE! Do I feel your pain!

All I can say is we will all win if we choose to move forward, without blinders. If we all challenge our leaders to continue to keep our interests in mind we can't go wrong...That being said if half of us throw our hands in the air and wish ill will upon our country then we're screwed.

Blue, red, whatever...there will be purple bleeding in the streets.


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