Dear Ombudsman


Psych! Just kidding! I DID get the commercial!

My agent told me I would find out if I was the chosen one yesterday so when yesterday night rolled around and I knew my agent had left for the day I kicked proverbial cans for the rest of the night. I was not pretty. Promise.

Then I wake up today, go out to lunch with Jersey and my lovely mama-in-law to be and POOF! The agent calls, I've got the job and the details for the shoot!


I called J and we celebrated in the most mild-mannered way. lol...that's what you do once you've been put through the wringer of all wringers!

Future actors of America...THIS is the glory you can look forward to. Prepare your nerves!


  1. WooHoo for you! Hopefully it something I can see in my neck of the woods too! I would love to point and say "hey I know her"

  2. I know her and she really is weird lol

  3. Hey, I didn't and wouldn't say that much! :)


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