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Luv and Kiwi has gone through the change. (If you read these posts via email subscription you should click on the blog.)

I've pulled an LA and gone and got myself a blog face lift. I've been craving simple lately. I wanted my blog simple...cleaned out my closet and made that mess of a wardrobe simpler...I've just had this urgent need to purge...more LAisms. (Such a horrible joker I am.)

Design isn't really my thing, though so I reached out to Ana from Blog Milk Design. I had seen her work, fallen in love and made a vow to myself to stalk the gal until she agreed to help me. Lucky for me, stalking wasn't necessary.

I have to give Ana props because I was a bugaboo and then some...constant emails asking for tweaks. She didn't kill me, though! I'm still alive and still loving what she cooked up.


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