And Then He Taketh Away

Yesterday was grey and inner funk was working some serious projections on the drizzle-tastic world I was moping around in. You see, that beautiful first commercial booking that I was oh-so-happy to land was a figment of my sad little imagination.

Apparently my agent forgot to mention one tiny detail...that I was not in fact booked but rather marked as "available" meaning I was someone's stand in if they didn't want to do that is not as promising. I sat at home the night I found out and cried and cried and cried. Who gets a job and then doesn't get the job?! Who does that happen to!? Honestly!

So back to that cold and drizzly yesterday...

I had to walk out in the drizzle and grab the mail. One stupid letter in that whole big stinkin letter from my Alma cruel question stamped on the front... "Where has KU Taken you?"

I have never hated junk mail so much.

Wellllp, dearest KU, I haven't gone far. I've managed to pursue my interest for seven + years only to land up on my living room couch sobbing on a damn pillow. No first acting breakthrough moment where I find that perseverance and letting go means something.  I'm right back where I was...

Jersey did a bang up job of cheering me up the night I found out. We got Chipotle...I drowned my sorrows in a barbacoa burrito and woke up over the whole crying bit. Now I'm just confused, numb and snarky to boot. Rejection sucks, but rejection KILLS when it starts out as a success and then pulls a fast one on ya.


  1. your writing is fantastic and really making me smile. Keep going with the acting - you'll land that hollywood role soon!

    Laura x



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