The FBG Retreat

So the FBG Retreat I went to last weekend in Jersey...

It was filled with so many highs and one pesky low. I got to play with Erin's kiddoes, kiss lots of baby heavenly baby cheek, read fun books and I even learned I can do a mean Elmo voice. "Elmo love Avery!"

We wined and dined every night...sat around glasses of truth and shared fun stories.

We walked around a dark park in Brooklyn together in 39 degree weather. 

Wore matching running outfits...

And hooked up with Alexzia "The Awesome" who grabbed grapes like a goddess and chowed down.

I love girl time. I really do. Female bonding is some kind of wonderful. 


  1. Who is that with the KILLER profile??? And those grapes are still cracking me up...

  2. Killer profile belongs to a hot chick who likes her eggs sunny side up


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