The Definition of Stress

I learned recently that stress is when one refuses to accept reality.

I am in an extreme state of stress and duress apparently because I just can't accept how fugly arse hot it's been in Southern California.

Over the weekend Jersey and I went pumpkin picking and fall house decor shopping in order to get into the spirit, but the heat kept wrecking my flow. We turned off the AC because, gosh darn it all, we were set on ushering fall in. I got out of the shower and started sweating. Have you ever had that happen? You'll try to put on makeup and your upper lip is beading sweat? It's far from so fresh and so clean.

Still I willed...

We decided we'd pumpkin pick on time this year so we set out for this famous Hollywood spot called Mr. Bones Pumpkin Patch (just for shats and giggles) ...The underarm sweat started dripping the minute we got out of our car. Still I ran through that patch like a kid in a candy store and even had a small kid-like pout session when Jersey told me I couldn't have the skinny, tall pumpkin (that was $45.) It was fun...even if global warming told us it was still summer.

Don't kick the pumpkins!

I found a green pumpkin!!! I named  him Slimer.

I found a fall wreath for the door. Always wanted one. Now I have it. Boo ya!

Jersey was serious about the pumpkins, yo!

Totes my goats!!!

I felt sorry for the little ponies. It was hot. They were tied to a contraption that made them walk in a circle while punk-ta-fied crumb snatchers bounced on them. If I were that pony I would have bucked at least one of 'em!

I will have a long skinny pumpkin. Oh yes...I will. You should choose a pumpkin that represents you, don't you think?


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