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Back in the day creative people hung with other creative folk because they actually enjoyed their company. They dug the conversation. They found mental stimulation in the thoughts and words of their colleagues. 

I love this picture of Maya Angelou and Langston Hughes. Langston is one of my late heroes. I love that he would help out any and all writers that showed up on his Harlem step. Love that he edited work in green. Love that his work constantly morphed, grew and rocked because of the thousands of influences he encountered on a daily basis.

When I was a kid I envisioned I'd have my first Oscar by 20. Then I'd make enough money to open up a home for kids who also had creative dreams...I'd let those kids live in the house for free as long as they kept creating. I wanted painters, dancers, actors, origami artists to fill my spaces with their genius and make the world a groovier place. 

Still plan to make that happen...even if it's in my own home with my own kids. Funny how dreams start to focus the older and closer you get. 

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